In 2003, Gucci takes branding to new heights down low.
Shot by Terry Richardson in 2001, this Sisley was banned for its "bold" imagery.
And here's another by Terry Richardson for Sisley that was charged for provocative suggestions.
A man known for his poetic sexual references, Tom Ford strikes many a times with erotic imagery for its fragrance campaigns.
And they were also shot by Terry Richardson.
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For Sisley, 2007 was the year it got shunned for implicating drug usage in its ad campaign.
And things were pulled down the line when Alexander Wang launched its denim campaign.
In 2007, this Dolce & Gabbana campaign was lashed on for implicating a "rape" theme, starring four male models and Alessandra Ambrosio
There was also a male version of this theme by Dolce & Gabbana.
Named "Unhate", United Colors of Benetton caused an uproar for showcasing numerous world leaders in religious and political fields kissing including the Pope with Sheikh Ahmed and Barak Obama with Hu Jintao.
Yet another controversial ad by United Colors of Benetton, this campaign takes aim at capital punishment, where some of its imagery feature death row inmates.
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And on homoerotic undertones, Abercrombie & Fitch is a brand often mentioned, especially the campaigns shot by Bruce Weber that features "bro-mance" themes.
In 2015, Miu Miu was called out for this campaign starring Mia Goth, who was deemed to look like a child in a sensual pose. However, Mia was actually 22 years old.
In another similar case in 1995, Calvin Klein received plenty of complaints and negative feedback for the use of youthful models in sexualised poses, despite all the models being of age, including Kate Moss.
The public shunned this Gucci campaign for the power play and dominance of male over female.
Marither and Francois Girbaud came under fire when one of their campaigns copied the famed "The Last Supper" art by Da Vinci, where every single detail was copied completety, from hand gestures to facial expressions.
2010's Diesel campaign was censored in the UK for being too vulgar.