A new awakening from the universe of Henry Jacques Haute Parfumerie

Henry Jacques brings us on a renewed olfactory journey with the absolutely sparkling Jewellery collection from its exclusive Masterpieces family.
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What we need now more than any other time is a revival of the spirit and senses—to experience beauty and emotions through what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

If you have had the privilege of visiting a Henry Jacques boutique, you would be familiar with how your senses had been indulged with not only its catalogue of the most sublime scents, but also how exquisitely designed and crafted the fragrance bottles are, and all enveloped in the soft, warm sanctuary of the luxurious yet understated interiors.

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Leonor scent with falcon in gold & Notte scent with falcon in gold and brown diamonds

You might have discovered the Masterpieces family that is the quintessence of Henry Jacques. Each Masterpiece creation is a work of art painted by an incredible and rare perfume icon and its matching inimitable chrysalis. The new variation of the Jewellery collection, a resplendent member of the French haute parfumerie’s Masterpieces capsule, introduces novel couture scents created to heighten the splendid handblown crystal bottles that encase them.

Designed by creative director Christophe Tollemer, the flacons are entwined in a beautiful meshwork of fine gold, punctuated by precious stones. The gold pattern is handcrafted by a masterful Parisian goldsmith and inspired by the classic elegance of a Renaissance painting, specifically the delicate intricacy and mesmerising refinement of a gown rendered.

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Karavane scent with falcon in gold and citrine & Lune scent with falcon in gold and white diamonds

To fire and fulfil all the dreams and desires of the most ardent haute parfumerie lover are the five flacon iterations of the limited-edition Jewellery collection: two that are decorated by the crisscross of lines along the crystal curves with white or brown diamond accents, alongside three Renaissance versions draped in a rich lacework motif and intensified by either pink rubellite tourmaline or yellow citrine gemstones.

As with all Henry Jacques fragrances concocted in the heart of Provence, the Renaissance-inflected line encompasses premium natural essences extracted from the finest and most precious ingredients that have been gleaned from all over the world. It is the embodiment of nearly half a century of excellence and creativity of Parfums Henry Jacques, imbued by founder Henry Cremona’s precious childhood memories and wanderlust of faraway lands.

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Carrousel scent in falcon in gold rubellite tourmaline

Available in two sizes of 60 ml and 150 ml, the Jewellery collection is a treasured extension of the Henry Jacques universe with its brilliant gems, couture perfumes and special designer flacons. An alchemy of colours, textures and ideas that magically unearth emotions and awaken the senses to create an unforgettable story and personal olfactive portrait of your very own.

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