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Aesop's new space in 1Utama is inspired by Malaysian tin trade

The masterminds behind Aesop 1Utama's interior design, FARM Studio shares the inspiration for the tin-crafted space.
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This July, Aesop had launched new store in 1 Utama, designed in collaboration with Singapore based design company – FARM Studio.

The designer team has eventually chosen the tin material to create the space, of which evokes Malaysian tin trade in the 19th century and the olden days of Selangor.

In a minimalist space, FARM Studio presents the rich expressions of tin with different takes. From the shelving system made from stacked sheets of tin and the corrugated wall to even the basin installed at the counterpart, the silver-grey metal set a humble tone for the divine retail space.


Swipe the gallery to take a glimpse of Aesop 1 Utama store:


Drop by at Aesop 1 Utama for a fully immersive skincare experience backed by provoking architectural design.



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