Rad Museum talks debut EP 'Scene', the catalysis of K-Indie and more

With stellar dimensions of his identities –musician, producer and designer, Rad Museum is the Korean artist that should be on your radar.
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Belongs to the most cult-leading Korean artist collectives Club Eskimo and you.will.knovv, Rad Museum (born Soh Jaehoon) released his debut EP Scene in 2017, and in the same year, he was featured in Dayfly by Dean, Homeless Door by Offonoff – just to mention a few.

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For his debut EP Scene, Rad Museum is not only at the helm of the music production but also the EP's visual creatives, which pretty much resonates with his stage name Museum -a space where we come across arts.

And ahead of Rad Museum's act at Good Vibes Festival 2019, we had a talk with the multitalented artist where he shares his thoughts on the catalysis of Korea's RnB, Hip hop and Indie music scene, the collab between artists and his upcoming projects.


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Each track in Scene tells a story, what do you think is the most promising element when it comes to telling a story with music and how it resonates with audiences? 

I hope people can draw up a 'scene' to my works. I want to conjure a scenario that people can feel it with the five senses, not just by hearing. Hence it's never only the music or notes, it's about the entire mood of each track.


Do you have any personal favourite song when it comes to doing a live performance?

Madkid. It is a loud, euphoric song and I like the energy it delivers on stage.


Coming from Korea's most cult-leading music and artist collectives, what do you think catalyses Korea's RnB, Hip hop and Indie scene in recent years? 

I would say that Korean Indie scene is not fully catalysed yet. There's still so much to learn and grow.

And I think we as artists, rather than doing something that has been done or being done by someone else, our job is to develop our own colours in music that root back to the culture.


You have been working with a lot of musicians and featuring for other artists, can you give us a glimpse into how you guys reach out to each other to start a collab?

To start a collab, I think it's really important to actually meet each other, sharing our ideas and thoughts. And once we come out with something together, we seek out something that ignites the most synergistic sparks from each other. It can be quite different from project to project, artist to artist.


Is there any Korean or overseas artist that you have been wanting to work with?
There's a lot of overseas artists that I want to work with. Also, there will be something in collaboration with you.will.knovv in my upcoming projects.


You do more than just music, other than producing music and visual design, is there anything else you want to present in the future?
I want to curate an art museum with my all works.


 Is there any project we can expect from Rad Museum this year? 

I am dropping my first full album which I've been working on it for the past 2 years.

Get in the mood for Good Vibes Festival 2019 with our favourite tracks from Rad Museum:





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