X Factor: Marion Caunter

Part of our 'X Factor' series, Marion talks fashion favourites, the power of dressing up and female solidarity.
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Which of your dresses mean the most to you?

That is the toughest question you can ask Marion Caunter because you know I love my clothes! But if I had to choose one, it would be my first Alexander McQueen gown. I bought it when I was in confinement with my first girl.

I was feeling really blah about myself with all the hormones and emotions. I was stuck at home, which I was completely not used to, so I went online to shop for the first time.

I was looking at it on Net-a-Porter and it was rather pricey, but you know what, I just had a baby and I was going to get it and t into it (laughs)!

I like to say it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with online shopping.


Your fashion essentials?

My Gucci sneakers; I wear them everywhere. They’re super comfortable, which is key because I never do uncomfortable shoes now no matter what. When I was younger I would suffer in silence, but not anymore.

"I just wish that women would stop putting other women down. I get it so often on my social media."


Who do you look up to?

The Obamas. I think they’re the epitome of a presidential couple. They exude confidence but are also approachable; it doesn’t feel like an act they’re putting on.

And Hillary Clinton, for her to get where she got to; to almost breaking that highest glass ceiling, she deserves all the recognition.


On that note, what is your one wish for women moving forward?

I just wish that women would stop putting other women down. I get it so often on my social media. One girl would start bashing me like, “Oh you look sick, you look horrible” and then boom, 30 women would start bashing me for how I look, which is such a silly, ridiculous thing.

Women should support each other and if you have nothing nice to say then shut it. I remember putting something up on Hillary Clinton when she lost about how there is a long way to go to break that glass ceiling, and there were women saying, “What are you talking about Marion, there’s no glass ceiling!”

Obviously, we have improved but there is still a long way to go. If we start all this nonsense and cattiness amongst ourselves then it’s just so easy for the men to continue taking advantage.

Photography: Chintoo
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Makeup: KF Bong
Hair: Cody Chua
Outfit: Gucci dress (on cover image)
Secondary Photo: Instagram @marioncaunter




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