X Factor: Jojo Goh

Part of our 'X Factor' series, our ambassador Jojo talks fashion, personal style and breaking glass ceilings.
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What do you love about fashion?

I love how fashion defines a personality. It is the fastest, most direct way of expressing who you are and shaping how you want to be perceived.


Which is the dress you will always remember?

There was this gown that I wore to receive my first-ever acting award for the Most Promising Actress at the 25th Malaysian Film Festival. As I was going onstage, an usher stepped on the train and not only did I trip and almost fell, there was also a hole in the back.

So I had to fork out five figures to buy it. But it was a good memory! I gave it to my younger sister as one of her wedding gifts and she loved it.

"It is important for us to realise our own potential because that is how we will break glass ceilings."

What does your style say about you?

Maybe it’s because I’m an actress, so my style changes all the time like I’m playing different characters. But the core always remains the same: simple, clean and tasteful.

I like bold accessories that are very individualistic but not too flamboyant. I don’t set a lot of style rules for myself, just like how I always try to be open about all aspects of life.


Who inspires you?

I think Amal Clooney has great taste and a very sophisticated style. She looks classy, sexy and intelligent all at the same time.

I am also inspired by Victoria Beckham’s career and the way she balances her life. From a Spice Girl to a mother to the head of a growing fashion label, I think she really personifies the strength a woman has in achieving her dreams.


What is your wish for women moving forward?

I want women to be empowered; to not be afraid of voicing their opinions and holding their heads high even in male-dominated environments. It is important for us to realise our own potential because that is how we will break glass ceilings.

We have to decide if we want to be heard or if we’re comfortable being “shielded” by men. I’ve always found a woman to be most attractive when she is opinionated.

Photography: Chintoo
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Makeup: KF Bong
Hair: Cody Chua
Outfit: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci dress and Dior T-shirt (on cover image)



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