Meet Wan-ji and Sho-er, the trending Insta-couple that is taking over fashion

Learn the art of pairing with this Taiwanese couple who runs a laundromat in Taichung City together and pose in never-picked-up garments. Ha! How original is that?
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Grandparents are officially taking over social media and they continue to show us that style has no age restriction.

Chang Wan-ji and Sho-er (@wantshowasyoung) are a couple who runs a laundromat in Taichung, Taiwan and now known as fashion geniuses that styles amazing photoshoots using never-been-picked-up clothes left in their laundromat.

And while there are barely 22 photos on their Instagram, they already have a whopping nearly 600k followers behind them. Not bad at all!


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If you are the person who stands in front of your mirror, thinking your packed wardrobe offers no choice, then let this style duo be your inspiration. They know how to turn abandoned vintage items into fashion editorial-worthy creations.

The couple's grandson, Reef Chang, is the mastermind who posts these photos on Instagram, describing his grandparents as "a cute couple who have been married for over 60 years."

What started out as something Reef did to help the couple fight boredom has turned into something much bigger - a message to show us that you can look trendy and feel fashionable at any age.

"Their business is not always busy. They would doze off in the shop and their spirits weren't high. So I thought since our family has these clothes, I can remind people to pick up their clothes, and remind my grandparents their life can still be great even in old age."

-- Reef Chang, as told to BBC.


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