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Follow these creative fashion Instagrammers for positive vibes and much-needed laughs

As we spend our days confined at home, here's where to get your fix of joy, laughter and inspiration.
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Photo via Instagram / @rickeythompson

How many times during a normal day do you find yourself taking a pause to scroll your favourite internet destinations for a much-needed mental break? Take that same scenario, put it at the centre of a global health crisis that requires almost everyone to stay at home for the foreseeable future, and the need for some positive vibes is more imperative than ever. 

Beyond the legions of celebrities making TikTok dances, many people have turned to Instagram, putting their hope in their favourite creatives for not only a mood boost but also a sense of normalcy.

"We are going to need your art more than ever!" one user wrote on a recent post of comedian Benny Drama. "I adore you!!!!!" commented actress Zoë Kravitz on another recent post by comedian Rickey Thompson.

Ahead, learn about some of our favourite fashion creatives who consistently deliver good vibes, using inspiration and humour to create the uplifting content we all need right now.

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There is definitely no shortage of captivating dog accounts on Instagram (bless). But there are your typical accounts, and then there is canine style icon Boobie Billie (@boobie_billie). The fashionable chihuahua is all but shy about her social status (her Instagram bio reads "I am my own woman"), and she puts together some of the most detailed, fabulous outfits out there.

Down to shoes and accessories, each bright outfit is perfectly coordinated, and Boobie's poised modelling skills only increase the good vibes. Each photo, seemingly cuter than last, has us wondering if her wardrobe comes in human sizes, but if you have your own fashionable canine, you may just be in luck.

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"I cannot go out with my Susan Alexandra bag without getting tons of compliments" is a common piece of feedback to accessories designer Susan Korn (@susan_alexandra), best known to her multitudes of customers as Susan Alexandra. The designer began creating her signature colourful creations on the side, as an escape while working a different job that left her feeling all but creative.

Taking inspiration from profound and unexpected sources, Korn's ability to produce products that bring out her clientele's inner child while honing a talent for storytelling has fostered much more than a wildly successful customer base. Fans of Susan Alexandra have formed a true community around the designer, her aesthetic, and her beloved chihuahua, Pigeon, keeping the positive vibes going in all directions.

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Benito Skinner, aka Benny Drama (@bennydrama), has gained a cult following with his uncanny ability to rule the internet. Fans know him best for creations like skits about Keeping Up With the Kardashians (where he impersonates every character), monthly astrology episodes in which he acts out each star sign, and impressions of songstress Lana Del Rey.

Skinner's genius seems to lie in his talent in personifying the intricacies of being a millennial while simultaneously forcing his own generation to laugh at themselves.

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At first glance at one of Nicole McLaughlin's (@nicolemclaughlin) creations, you first wonder how it's done before asking, "Can I eat that?"

The artist uses unconventional and often edible materials to make clothes like vests, shorts and shoes, and the result is utterly mesmerising. You may recognise her work from a highly reposted image of her baguette vest, or perhaps from her gummy bear shorts, but one thing is for sure: McLaughlin is definitely the queen of multi-functional fashion.

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One simply cannot keep a straight face while watching Rickey Thompson's (@rickeythompson) videos. The 24-year-old internet personality and comedian says his goal is to make people feel happy while viewing his content, and his humour has brought him much success.

With his lighthearted but fully committed dancing videos, Thompson knows how to add just the right amount of silliness, while his pep-talk videos are just as uplifting. With over 5 million followers and counting, as well as a slew of media awards, it seems that Thompson has found the perfect recipe for brightening spirits all around the world.

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Amidst the sea of neutral fashion feeds that populate Instagram, wearing black doesn't seem to be an option for Copenhagen-based influencer Anne Johannsen (@annejohannsen). Her affinity for dressing in head-to-toe pastels has inspired her audience to take new risks with their own wardrobes.

But whether you want to add more colour to your life or keep wearing black while admiring the positive vibes from afar, scrolling through Johanssen's never-ending collection of multi-coloured interiors and bright outfits will make her a rewarding follow for lots of time to come.

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Popular for pioneering some of last summer's biggest nail trends like "jelly nails" and "sea glass nails", Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick) is one of the most-watched accounts for all things manicure design. While her original creations are hard to recreate on your own, you do have a lot of time to practice the details, and when all else fails, following her will give you strong inspiration for future nail appointments. 

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Cats can be the underrated counterparts to dogs on social media, and for that reason, we definitely could not leave our feline friends off this list. Just as fashionable as Boobie Billie, Zappa The Cat (@zappa_the_cat) emanates positive vibes with her colourful sunglasses and luxe hoodies.

The stylish Netherlands-based kitty also takes a realistic approach, as she repeats her exceptional outfits from time to time.

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A local hero in New York, the Green Lady of Brooklyn (@greenladyofbrooklynhas been dedicating her life and Instagram account to full-on lime green outfits since as early as 2017 (her first recorded post).

Her posts are filled with local fans who stop her on the street to snap a picture with her and share how much her outfits bring them joy. Showing off her green hair and love of gardening, each selfie the Green Lady takes with fellow city residents resembles a celebrity sighting, as all parties sport ear-to-ear smiles. 



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