#JoinTheMovement: Salvatore Ferragamo invites us to "vogue" this Holiday 2019

Join the movement and vogue to the Ferragamo beat!
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This holiday season, Salvatore Ferragamo invites us to enjoy a powerful collection designed to navigate the rhythms of modern life with energy, self-esteem and grace. The line features modern and monochromatic pieces that, in contrast, highlight its accessories collection in cheerful colours and motifs.

Through dance, the models are seen performing Voguing-styled choreography, a hit in New York's underground scene in the 1960s, which is later popularized by Madonna and remains a huge hit to this day.


See the campaign video below:


“For this holiday season, we wanted to emphasize the joy that comes from wearing the clothes that allow you to move freely and effortlessly - and there's no better platform for it than dancing,” says designer Paul Andrew. "The result is a modern wardrobe that encompasses leisure, work and evening wear, which combined form an elegant and continuous ensemble - clothes and shoes for lifelong dancing."

Featuring coats, jackets, skirts, overalls and dyed leather dresses and silks, with a series of seasonal scarves to that pop of colour through maxi-floral prints, the models – Nataliya Bulycheva, Imari, Songhwa Oh, Liam Kelly, and Alton Mason – dances a special choreography created by Stephen Galloway.

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1574653786047105 holiday 03 scura 300
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