Bryanboy directs new Salvatore Ferragamo campaign for the Gancini

Bryanboy and his squad explore the notion of 'iconic' in Salvatore Ferragamo's latest digital campaign.
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Salvatore Ferragamo unveils its second digital campaign for the Gancini, which is directed by Bryanboy and starring Linda Tol, Tamu McPherson, Xenia Adonts, Carlo Sestini, Chris Burt-Allan, Tina Leung and Yoyo Cao.

50 years ago, the Gancini was born in the Maison as a handbag clasp, designed by Fiamma for her mother Wanda. Over the decades, the Gancini has become the trademark of Salvatore Ferragamo. In the second chapter of The Gancini digital campaign, Bryanboy and his gang of style personas come together at the street of Milan, clad in the latest Gancini Collection to explore the notion of 'iconic'.

Emblematic, recognisable, exemplary, how would you define it?

1580195451929039 sf gancini 2.0 yoyo cao
Yoyo Cao

Created by creative designer Paul Andrew, the Gancini Collection exudes the versatility of Ferragamo's trademark motif. Be it a sophisticated finish on the BOXYZ Bag or a bold statement with the Pump, scroll down to check out how Ferragamo's global crew play with the collection in their very own style.


Scroll down to see more photos of the campaign:

1580195347308747 sf gancini 2.0 linda tol
Linda Tol
1580195331971695 sf gacini 2.0 zenia adonts
Zenia Adonts
1580195336269145 sf gancini 2.0 bryanboy
1580195342120369 sf gancini 2.0 chris burt allan
Chris Burt-Allan
1580195357000734 sf gancini 2.0 tamu mcpherson
Tamu McPherson
1580195435505679 sf gancini 2.0 tina leung
Tina Leung

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