Discover the New Balance x Casablanca collab with Charaf Tajer

New Balance is delighted to partner with the fashion house for men Casablanca to launch a new silhouette of New Balance, the 327.
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Casablanca once again brings its philosophy of luxury design and sport to the New Balance family to create a new silhouette – the New Balance 327 –, which is inspired by impeccable tennis uniforms and the nostalgic hues of Moroccan oranges.

Both refined and relaxed, the New Balance 327 x Casablanca is the perfect balance between luxury and sporting heritage and is now available in two colors worldwide from 18th April 2020 onwards.

And to get to know more of the New Balance 327, we talk to Charaf Tajer, Artistic Director of Casablanca, who shares all his thought process and inspiration for the project:

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Courtesy from Instagram @charaftajer

Tell us about your last collaboration with New Balance.

New Balance approached us for this collaboration and we wanted to do something unique: creating a completely new model called New Balance 327. We wanted to develop a classic pair above all, with an Italian sports spirit of the 70s, worn by a “cool” grandfather.


How did you create your brand and what was the driving force behind your approach? Why the name Casablanca?

A few years ago, I wanted to develop an aesthetic that I could not find on the market. I always liked the image linked to travel, to a kind of nostalgia, this poetry that resonates with bossa nova, dreamy hotels... One day I decided to transcribe this through the medium of clothing.

The name of the Casablanca brand is a dedication to my parents who met in the 70s in Casablanca. At that time, it was a colourful city full of adventures. It is also an invitation to the poetic journey of the word "Casablanca", mixed with my journey and Parisian heritage.

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Explain to us your creative process, the approach of your designs.

When we create collections, we always start on a state of mind, a journey. The last collection, named “Idealist”, was a trip to Lake Garda, Italy. It is an ideal place, timeless with a micro-climate. We have 2 painters working on the brand full time, we develop prints and patterns together and then we use special techniques for silk and fabric.


Who is the muse of Casablanca? How do you feel when people wear Casablanca like Rosalia, Travis Scott or Kendall Jenner?

The muse of Casablanca is the famous Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis, the cool grandfather par excellence. A real character and the husband of Maria Callas and Jackie Kennedy.

It really makes me happy and it fills my heart that people wear my mark. I didn't know people were going to hang on right away. The main thing is to bring colour to people, get out of the ordinary and make people dream.


How do you imagine Casablanca in a few years?

I would like the brand to become a classic of French fashion. It would be a beautiful image if someone from North Africa could register in the history of French fashion, create a monument house. I feel French, I grew up in France and I think in French.

I would like people to say later "I have a vintage Casablanca shirt".

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