Coach's 21st Century Dreamers take over New York for Fall 2019

Along with returning muses Michael B Jordan and Kiko Mizuhara, new casts like Liu Wen and Yara Shahidi board on for the #DreamItReal journey in New York.
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"Inclusive, unapologetic and free-spirited attitude", that was the keywords creative director Stuart Vevers wanted for his Coach Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, which is now titled "Dream It Real".

For this coming season, Stuart wants to challenge us to think outside the box with a new thought-provoking narrative for Coach. And so, he sought out creatives including photographer Juergen Teller, stylist Venetia Scott and director Tourso (who is also the one who created some of Beyoncé's iconic MVs) to realise his vision.

And instead of his usual Coach Boys and Girls, the cast takes on a new moniker to fit the campaign and Coach's new narrative – the 21st Century Dreamers –, a group that aims to inspire the new generation everywhere to believe in themselves and life’s infinite possibilities.

Now let's take a look at the new dreamers.

Meet The 21st Century Dreamers

Leading the cast for Dream It Real are two of the main faces of Coach Michael B Jordan and Kiko Mizuhara, who have worked with Stuart and Coach for previous campaigns.

And alongside the two comes the new generation of dreamers – Yara Shahidi, Jemima Kirke, Lolo Zouaï, Miles Heizer and Liu Wen – who are all handpicked for their spontaneous, real and free-spirited style and personality.

And on top of that, Chinese supermodel Liu Wen has also been named as the new brand ambassador for Coach. In fact, Liu Wen had worked with Coach before for past campaigns like the New York Stories campaign in 2013.


Swipe the gallery below to see the campaign shots by Juergen Teller:



For this campaign shoot, Stuart takes the squad out to New York City and instead of on particular location, each of the personalities take over different locations to showcase the true spirit of New York.

From Liu Wen in the Lower East Side and Michael in the Brooklyn Bridge Park to Kiko on the Manhattan Ferry and Yara in Central Park, each space and location tells a different story that aligns with Coach's aesthetic and DNA.

On the shoot, Stuart says, "He (Juergen) is able to create the warm, unpretentious and playful spirit I wanted. He is known for capturing the unique essence of his subjects and is able to reveal the humanity and authentic personalities of our cast. His portrait of our home, New York City, is new and fresh in a way that speaks to my evolved vision for the house and the inclusive, unapologetic and free-spirited attitude that defines us."

And within each of them, a different bag is introduced and the highlights for Fall/Winter 2019 include the Tabby shoulder bag, the Troupe tote and the Rivington backpack.


See it for yourselves below:



For the film directed by Tourso, it will not just be a stand-alone film. Throughout the season, Coach will also release a series of films created by Tourso, which features a series of vignettes featuring the individual cast members.

To kickstart the campaign this season, the hero film has been released featuring a poetic narration by Michael and Yara that challenges its viewers to dream big, live big and embrace the power of freedom and creativity.


Watch the film below:

Coach Fall 2019: Dream It Real

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