STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation is the new self-care for your intimate area

Basically, a literal Brazilian facelift to perk up those delicate petals below.
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The next time you schedule a hair-removal session at STRIP, why not consider taking your intimate care further with a dedicated anti-ageing facial for the vulva?

And sure, while investing in a little TLC to the vulva region may sound like another skincare gimmick, truth is it is just as important as the tender attention we give to our facial skin. And you may not realize this but the delicate vulva also undergoes natural ageing as well as other factors such as friction between skin and undergarment caused by moisture in the humid air and hormonal changes that contributes to its gradually sagging over time.

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Enters the aptly named Rosebud Vajuvenation – a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to labiaplasty treatment specially designed to tighten, lift and firm the labia with zero downtime.

This exclusive STRIP procedure involves a unique Thermal O2 technology that delivers a combination of radio frequency, vacuum suction and heat energy deep into the dermis layer of the targeted area. As the collagen in the tissue is gently heated and stimulated, an immediate tightening and lifting effect will take place alongside improved blood and lymph circulation which will result in plump and rosy skin.

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For the best Rosebud experience, the procedure works best on hair-free skin and is typically recommended after either a Brazilian Wax or AFT session. During the 30-minute lifting process, a thin layer of cream is first applied to the freshly deforested bikini area to minimize friction before the Thermal O2 applicator is rolled over it repeatedly.

Discomfort is not a concern here as the special device emits a warm sensation akin to a hot stone massage that is surprisingly pleasant and painless.

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A cooling hydrating mask then follows to soothe the area but to beautifully complete the session, why not end it with a TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask? As the name implies, it is an actual charcoal mask that envelopes and infuses the vulva with a rich blend of organic botanical ingredients that works together to detoxify, soothe, brighten and hydrate.

All you have to do is lie back and relax for another 15 minutes and let the nourishing serum absorb into your skin.

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As bizarre as it sounds, there is truly nothing more empowering than stepping out with a more lifted, plumper and youthful-looking vulva – ideally after going through a course of eight sessions done one to two weeks apart, and subsequently maintenance treatments once every three months!


If you are first-timer keen on popping that vajacial care cherry, STRIP is currently offering an attractive package of one Rosebud Vajuvenation session (normally priced at RM400) plus one TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask (RM70) for the price of only RM88nett!

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