Shu Uemura unveils the collaboration with Japanese manga series, ONE PIECE

Get ready for an exciting adventure to discover the makeup treasure.
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This holiday, Shu Uemura introduces a collaboration with ONE PIECE along with a shared enthusiasm for a courageous attitude and exciting adventure. These two icons of Japanese culture have teamed up to bring you on a voyage to reveal the ultimate quest for makeup treasure.

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A summary for the ONE PIECE story: It takes place on the sea and islands, where the main characters – Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew set sail in search of the mysterious treasure ONE PIECE and to become The King of Pirates. During the adventures, Luffy gradually acquires a crew, a ship and unexpected rewards. Along the way, he becomes a wanted outlaw pursued by the navy and meets a variety of fascinating characters, many of whom have the power of the cursed fruit, just like him.

Follow Shu Uemura as well as Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew to become the most wanted makeup pirate during the party season. Discover the jewel-like eyeshadows, precious lipsticks and other beauty treasures to enhance your makeup routine.

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Treasure box eye palette Grand Line and Treasure box eye palette Thousand Sunny.

Treasure box eye palette Grand Line, inspired by the Grand Line, the world’s most dangerous ocean current and where most of the search for ONE PIECE takes place. Ten shades in profound matte, ancient metal, warm pearl and new crushed stone to create festive eye looks.

Treasure box eye palette Thousand Sunny, named after Luffy's pirate ship, this vivid accents warm tones eyeshadow is inspired by the brilliance of sunlight reflected on the ocean water. Ten shades in metallic bronze, pleasant matte and new crushed stone to convey a fashion chic, a luxurious eye looks.

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Besides, there is the face colour palette, Romance Dawn in sun-kissed peach and Gold Feast in baked gold, a sleek and lightweight highlighting powder for creating dimensional looks like Nami and Robin.

Additionally, Shu Uemura has transformed Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew’s special battle moves into the iconic rouge unlimited. From fearless statement colours to effortlessly wearable hues, these shades available in matte, amplified, amplified matte and lacquer shine finishes allow you to seize the power of Straw Hat Crew’s signature fighting technique wherever you go.

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Scroll the gallery to take a look at the lip looks with Shu Uemura x ONE PIECE’s iconic rouge unlimited:

Lastly, Shu Uemura’s symbolic beauty essentials, from foundation brush as well as eyelash curler to premium makeup box are presented in limited edition ONE PIECE inspired packaging and designs.

Scroll the gallery to check out Shu Uemura x ONE PIECE’s beauty essentials:

The Shu Uemura x ONE PIECE Collection will be officially launched in all Shu Uemura boutiques on 1st November 2020.

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