The new Eurostar lounge looks better than a hotel

Unveiled last winter, the new Business Lounge of the Eurostar reaches the peaks of elegance.
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First off, no, you are not inside a new SoHo space in New York or in a swanky and chic apartment in Paris. 

In fact, you're actually inside the new Business Lounge of Eurostar at Gare du Nord, one of the six large terminus of Paris, France, enjoying the spectacular view of the City of Lights 

Located on the 2nd floor, accessible immediately after customs, this new lounge for Eurostar's business class travellers makes you want to arrive two hours in advance to enjoy the amenities.

Thanks to Softroom, a London-based architecture agency, the lounge is fitted with huge sofas, velvet upholstered benches, marble coffee tables and brass detailing. One might even think that this is a private club in London. 

(Swipe below to see photos of the lounge)


With 166 seats,  there are colossal salons with Haussmann proportions with fireplace, large work table, rocking chariots and club sofas, along with a dining area fitted with an awesome circular cocktail bar orchestrated by the London Cocktail Club.

And all these are accessible to a Business Premier or a Frequent Traveller Eurostar card holder

So, while you wait to board your train across the continent, have a continental breakfast with a signature tea created especially by the Tregothnan house, healthy salads, finger food and above all, minute cocktails prepared by a professional mixologist.

Heck, with all these fabulous treatments, we might even forget all about taking the actual train ride. 



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