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The revival of the Baignoire de Cartier watch

Timeless and elegant, the Baignoire de Cartier is considered a horological masterpiece, now evolving into an artistic statement watch in its latest chapter.
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Revel in the beauty of Cartier's Baignoire collection. An icon of the house of Cartier, the watch had its humble beginnings in 1912, when Louis Cartier stretched out the traditional watch shape, resulting in a 'Bathtub' shape ("Baignoire" meaning 'bathtub' in French), its aesthetics defined by two straight parallel lines closed by two curves. This design would eventually evolve in the 1950s, culminating in the familiar slightly curved oval shape with a dial stamped with Roman or Arabic numerals, flanked by gold gadroons. 

Exuding its own unique style, the Baignoire has been reimagined by the design team at Cartier, boasting offer a narrower bracelet and redesigned Roman numerals on a matte silver sand-blasted dial face. 

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On the white gold version of the bathtub, the diamond setting extends along the width of the gadroons at the back.

robably one of the main highlights in the line as well, the Baignoire Allongée was first developed in the workshops of Cartier London. An oversized ladies watch that drapes elegantly along the wrists, it has been worked into a lavish design as gold is worked into studs in the shape of cloud de Paris from Cartier's jewellery line

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