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Star Power: Meet the Illa collection by Hearts On Fire

The Illa collection by Hearts On Fire is a gift for those who wish upon a star and work to make it come true.
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Reminiscent of a girl stargazing under the northern Italy sky, the Illa collection by Hearts On Fire is an awe-inspiring anthology that’s deeply personal. Taking after her childhood sobriquet, Ilaria Lanzoni’s Illa is dedicated to girls with a head full of dreams, and women who pursue those dreams with passion.


The timeless silhouette of a star takes centre stage and is imbued with Lanzoni’s charming wit to ground it in the present time. There’s a ring that wraps around the finger and extends sideway; a faint chain-link pendant necklace; and a more streamlined pair of single-diamond stud earrings.

Aside from the clever plays of contours, the designer’s modern sensibilities are also expressed through volumes and proportions. Her swanky Constellation bracelet, for instance, sees Hearts On Fire’s 537 perfectly cut diamonds sewn together in a jumbled mesh of extraterrestrial beauty.

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Taking into consideration the fast-paced lifestyle of working women, the Illa jewels are designed to be as flexible as they are fashionable. Each piece pairs perfectly with any combination of looks for any occasion—from a casual luncheon to a formal evening soiree.

But above all, the novelties are envisioned to conjure the feelings of wonder and curiosity among the wearers, and ultimately invite them to reflect on their individual journey— much like the collection itself, which was Lanzoni’s first creations for Hearts On Fire, debuted in 2012.


The Illa Collection by Hearts On Fire is exclusively available at selected HABIB showrooms and boutiques nationwide.



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