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Must Have: Hermès Straps for Apple Watch Series 3

We honestly would consider an Apple Watch, just to have these gorgeous straps on our wrists.
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13th September marked a very important day in tech as Apple announces its new range of technology and boy, was that a big commotion.

But leaving the exorbitant iPhone X price aside, that Tuesday also marked the big unveiling of the new range of Hermès leather straps for the new Apple Watch 3.

Proving that fashion meets tech is a best-selling combo, Hermès has decided to add two brand new designs to the leather strap collection.

(Swipe below to see all five designs available)

On the new designs, first, we have the Single Tour Rally, which is a new strap made with perforated Gala calfskin and is inspired by classic Hermès driving gloves (available only for the 42mm case).

Then we have a more graphic variation, named Single Tour Éperon d’Or, which is inspired by the Hermès equestrian scarf pattern from 1974 (available in both 38mm and 42mm).

And of course, we have the Single Tour, Double Tour and Single Tour Deployment Buckle, the first three original designs introduced in 2015.

What say you? Will you get your hands on this new sleek tech to satiate your Apple thirst?



Apple Watch Hermès Series 3 is now available for online order in selected countries including Australia, China, France, Japan, the UK and the US. The prices range from US$1,149  onwards (Malaysia pricing to be determined).

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