Well-heeled Artistry: When classic heels meet sculpture art

From Giuseppe Zanotti to Christian Louboutin, these quintessential heels showcase flawless artistry.

An affair between decadence and provocation, these titillating and vertiginous heels are your fashionable partner in crime, stealing the show as you sashay from boardroom to boudoir.

And to showcase the beauty of these classics, ranging from  Giuseppe Zanotti to Christian Louboutin, we match each sole with an artistic sculptural art – what's your pick?

1626851198906471 heel 1
Musa Black Suede Sabot sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti.
1626851263438616 heel 3
BB Pick Snakeskin pumps, Manolo Blahnik.
1626851303031340 heel 2
Kate 85 Calf Ali Obscur pumps, Christian Louboutin.
1626851308175057 heel 4
BB Pick Floral pumps, Manolo Blahnik.

Photography: Soon Lau / Awesome Image
Styling: Amelia Tan
 Creative Direction: Ian Loh



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