Watch all the Chanel's Gabrielle Bag films now

Finally, the four-part film series of Chanel's Gabrielle Bag has all been released.

After unveiling the last of the Chanel's Gabrielle bag campaign films, featuring Pharrell Williams, the four-part film series to celebrate the latest Chanel bag is completed.

Started with Kristen Stewart, who danced her way to the bag, to Cara Delevingne's animated film feature and Caroline de Maigret's Parisian chic outlook, Chanel ends with a blast as it features the iconic singer Pharrell in a light-hearted adventure on a concert stage, naturally.

Now, you can watch all the four "Director's Cut" versions of the films below:

Chanel's Gabrielle bag – Kristen Stewart
Chanel's Gabrielle bag – Cara Delevingne
Chanel's Gabrielle bag – Caroline de Maigret
Chanel's Gabrielle bag – Pharrell Williams

A bag made for all fashion lovers, be it women or men, the Chanel's Gabrielle bag is the new classic, created in celebration of the founder Mademoiselle Gabrielle herself.



(Photos and videos: Chanel)


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