The Chanel 19 Bag through the eyes of Sofia Coppola and Steven Meisel

Chanel celebrates the freedom of movement so dear to Chanel in latest The Chanel 19 Bag Campaign.
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Chanel presents The Chanel 19 Bag Campaign starring actresses Margaret Qualley, Taylor Russell and Marine Vacth.

Debuted as part of Chanel Fall/Winter 2019 collection co-created by Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard, the Chanel 19 bag witnesses the end of an era and the breaking of a new dawn at Chanel.

The number 19 stands for the year it was created. A name mirrors its senior, the legendary 2.55 bag which was introduced to the world by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955. It is Karl’s last handbag creation for Chanel, and it evolves under the interpretation of Virginie Viard.


Its maxi diamond quilting and ultra-supple structure make a statement of a new force of soft power, whilst the iconic Chanel chain transforms itself for a bolder accent with two-tone metal interwoven with leather. A design that echos the oversized CC clasp on the front flap.

For the latest Chanel 19 Bag Campaign, Virginie Viard taps actress Margaret Qualley, Taylor Russell and Marine Vacth to portray the women of Chanel and how Chanel 19 bag exudes different attitude and style. “I wanted to show how Chanel is so classic it can work with many personalities, and is great to show on different women,” said filmmaker Sofia Coppola in an official statement.

Co-created by Sofia Coppola and Steven Meisel, the mood of this campaign is light-hearted and fun. There’s no flashy set-up, just the muses and the protagonist, the Chanel 19 bag, ignite the set with their unique aura. In Marine Vacth’s words, “The Chanel 19 bag has enough character to remain discreet.”

Scroll down to take a look at The Chanel 19 bag campaign shot by Steven Meisel:

1603357437611027 01 chanel 19 bag ad campaign photographed by steven meisel margaret qualley ld
“Virginie Viard is someone I admire. Her creations seem to be made for the daily life of women, however different they might be. I feel free and stronger.” -Margaret Qualley
1603357804603700 03 chanel 19 bag ad campaign photographed by steven meisel taylor russel ld
“The Chanel 19 bag is playful whilst being timeless. I think it matches the part of me that is adventurous and likes to try new things" -Taylor Russell
1603357839938549 02 chanel 19 bag ad campaign photographed by steven meisel marine vacth ld
“The Chanel 19 bag has enough character to remain discreet.” -Marine Vacth

Watch The Chanel 19 bag campaign film co-directed by Sofia Coppola and Roman Coppola:



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