Supermodel Ju Xiao Wen goes bald for our 4th Anniversary issue

An unprecedented adventure for our cover girl, our 4th-anniversary issue is here to disrupt all rules and break new grounds.
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“Disruptors” is our theme for the month, which also happens to be both our September 2019 issue, as well as our 4th-anniversary issue. So, who better to disrupt the rules of fashion than having Chinese supermodel Ju Xiao Wen (@jujujuxiaowen) go bald for the first time on our cover in Gucci.

As we all know and in the words of Candy Pratts Price, "September is the January of fashion!", which leads us to create an issue where we destroyed the normal rules and rebuild a new one.

Managing editor Monica Mong says, "So for this 'new beginning', I persuaded Xiao Wen to go bald for the first time for a magazine to inject a brand new image for the magazine. It is a breakthrough for both Xiao Wen and us."

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Xiao Wen Ju in Gucci for our September 2019 cover

Inspired by Alex Garland’s mind-bending sci-fi horror flick Annihilation, Xiao Wen annihilates all conventions with her bald debut in the Fall/Winter 2019 season’s latest looks as she goes through an inner journey that explores the human desire to constantly expand into the unknown in tangent to our own reality.

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Dress, gloves and earrings, Gucci.

With a career spanning close to a decade, Ju Xiao Wen is no stranger to gracing a magazine cover or being the face of a brand. In 2012, just two short years after being scouted on the streets of her native Xi’an, Xiao Wen became the first Asian model to front a Marc Jacobs ad campaign.

For A/W ’15, she appeared alongside fellow model Tilda Lindstam, and actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (who were reprising their roles as Derek Zoolander and Hansel) for a promo shoot for Zoolander 2.

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Dress, belt, chains, clutch, earrings, Alexander McQueen.

Stiller and Wilson had closed the Valentino show just the day prior. Ju’s immaculate skin also landed her a gig as the face of L’Oreal in 2016.

She attributes her perfect complexion to her childhood in Xi’an, where her mother ensured she had plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in her diet and her father cooked a huge pot of pork bone soup (which she lovingly recalls as ‘beauty soup’), chock-full of nutrients and collagen for perfectly elastic skin.


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Cape and shirt, Loewe. Earrings, Gucci.

With 666,000 followers on Instagram (@jujujuxiaowen), Ju also knows a thing or two about taking a pretty good sel e. “If you want to make the picture special, always look for some interesting [expression]... It’s funny, it’s alive.

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Dress, gloves and earrings, Gucci.

I feel like different expressions are the real makeup,” she says in an interview with Vogue. She is the perfect model then, to front our “Disruptors” issue. Appearing bald for the rst time, focus is shone on her stunning bone structure and multitudinous expressions. All hail the marvellous Miss Ju.

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Coat, top and pants, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Earrings, Givenchy.

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Photography: Zeng Wu (@zeng_wu)
Styling: Monica Mong (@mongnica)
Makeup: Clive Xiong (@clivexiong)
Special Effects Makeup: Mia Yi 
Producer: ShanShan
Set Design: JXXX 
Model: Ju Xiao Wen (@jujujuxiaowen)
Makeup Assistant: Leng 
Special Effects Makeup Assistant: Jolie Zhang
Styling Assistant: Teng
Photography Assistants: Caton He & Nick Yang
Set Design Assistant: Nicole L
Location: YY Rental 



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