La Voyageuse: Kendall travels to Segré for Longchamp

Part of its Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, Longchamp debuts the La Voyageuse with a documentation of Kendall's journey to Segré.
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Among the many Longchamp ateliers in France, Segré is definitely one of the most prominent establishments and as part of its Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, the French label brings its ambassador Kendall Jenner on a jet setting adventure to introduce the new Longchamp La Voyageuse bag.

Translated to the meaning "The Traveller", Longchamp wants the La Voyageuse to reflect the idea of an "enviably elegant woman who sashays into the airport lounge with the air of having done it many times before" to serve as the starting point for its new silhouette.

Featuring primary three shapes – the tote, the crossbody and the NS tote –, La Voyageuse is made to cater to every traveller's needs as they dash through airports and fly around the globe. 

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Before the official debut of La Voyageuse, Longchamp has teased us with various imagery on social media to welcome the rising new "It" bag, where we see Kendall travels in style via a helicopter. Following the teasers, the brand releases the imagery of her fashion adventure in the Longchamp Atelier in Segré, where the supermodel discovers the intricate processes that created La Voyageuse.

Scroll down to witness Kendall's journey with La Voyageuse:

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