Bottega Veneta unveils the secret Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

After months shrouded in secrecy, Daniel Lee reveals Bottega Veneta's collection of vintage-inspired looks for Spring/Summer 2021.
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Two months after its debut for a select group of editors and celebrities like Kanye and North West, Bottega Veneta has officially unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 collection for the world to see. The show, which many have pointed to as London's first in-person fashion show post-COVID-19, included a socially distanced audience and runway crew. With no photographers or crowds waiting outside and guests' phones locked in pouches, the brand successfully delayed its newest launch to much anticipation. Today, the series of vintage-inspired pieces are now available for the public to see.

In a time-warped collection, wide-leg pants and halter tops of the '70s pair with '60s A-line dresses and languid suits from the '90s, refelcting the way today's fashion landscape embraces a multitude of stylish aesthetics. In true Daniel Lee style, the collection maximizes its control of minimalism by employing bright colors (primarily the new signature shade of spring green, which also serves as a backdrop for the show) and fluid silhouettes against well-cut tailoring and rich textures. As always, chic assessories highight the ensembles as they hit the runway.

In coordination with the collection's debut, Lee also releases three books and a record; together, these launches make up Salon 01, the conceptual idea behind the brand's Spring/Summer 2021 season. The books each share a different part about collection: Book 01 tells the story of the brand's vision and inspiration, Book 02 explains the philopsophical principles behind creating objects of desire, and Book 03 is a lookbook of the collection shot by Tyrone Lebon. The record, which is the soundtrack of the fashion show, is a spoken-word recording by Neneh Cherry exclusively for the event. The purpose of Salon 01 is to foster a sense of closeness with the audience by peeling back the curtain on the creative and design processes that led to the show.

See all the looks from Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2021 here:




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