Saint Laurent presents SELF 05 by Wong Kar Wai and Wing Shya

The cinematography's masters capture the poetic juxtaposition of Saint Laurent and Shanghai in the latest SELF 05 short film.
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Themed "A Night In Shanghai", French fashion house Saint Laurent presents the fifth chapter of the SELF series, SELF 05, which is a short film curated by Wong Kar Wai, directed by his long term collaborator Wing Shya and starring the supermodel Ju Xiaowen who fronted the cover for our recent September 2019 issue.





Swipe the gallery to take a look at the pictures from Saint Laurent's 'A night in Shanghai':


 ‘Wong Kar Wai envisions individual feelings; his art is like a vivid dream projected into real life, which emphasizesthe contrast between the fragile aspect of humanity and reality. It was a very instinctive process based on mutual respect and admiration, in the movie you can find and feel the Saint Laurent fantasy taking shape as natural consequence.’


-Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello

In the short film, it tells a tale of the protagonist's quest for self-identity and through the whimsical lighting from the filmmakers' signature mise-en-scène, the film transcends the horizons between vivid dream and real life, past and present.

Yuz Museum in Shanghai is also hosting an exclusive screening of Saint Laurent's 'A Night In Shanghai' in an immersive screen-installation from 22 to 24 November.


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