Rise up as "Champs" with the Longchamp x Emotionally Unavailable (EU) collab

Creative spirits Edison Chen and Kybum Lee reimagine Longchamp with a theme centered on "Been a CHAMP a LONG time”.
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Before the world of fashion embraced and hyped over the concept of artist collaborations, Longchamp has already been partnering with talented individuals to reimagine the Parisian house.

From the Jeremy Scott seasonal offerings to special collaborations with Mr Bags and Shayne Oliver, Longchamp has never ceased to excite us with new projects that take the brand out of its comfort zone.

And the latest to join the portfolio is Emotionally Unavailable (EU), a contemporary and streetwear brand founded by two talented creative spirits Edison Chen and Kybum Lee.

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The collaboration sparked when Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine chanced upon the brand in Shanghai.

She says, “I first discovered Emotionally Unavailable when I bought a T-shirt for my brother in Shanghai. It made me want to know more about the guys behind the label.”

Edison Chen follows the tale saying, “So chance actually had Sophie and me meet randomly in Japan, just to catch up with each other and get acquainted. I felt like we vibed pretty well, so we decided to find a project to work on together.”


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Thus the Longchamp x Emotionally Unavailable collection was born - a collection inspired by design duo’s (Edison and Kybum) vision, which is the mindset of the champion boxer, who fights on even when he’s down.

Taglined “Been a CHAMP a LONG time”, the duo wants to spread a bigger message, which is to be champions of our own life, echoing the optimistic, dynamic attitude of Longchamp.


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“We’re not trying to do a boxing-inspired collection. We’re talking about heartbreak, deep love and self-strength. These taglines come out because we’re all in this constant struggle of relationships and feelings – not only in love, but with our siblings, our parents, our co-workers. It’s this thing everyone goes through.”

- Edison Chen.

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On the collection itself, it celebrates the unique cross-gender, cross-generational appeal of the Longchamp Le Pliage®, while also bringing the EU's signature offbeat humour to play.

With various designs centered around the boxer aesthetic including two unisex pieces of black satin shorts and a matching kimono with a white tie belt; while others feature athleisure staples of a grey-marl hoodie, black sweatshirt, and black and white tees printed with the “Been a CHAMP”.

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On to the spotlight of the collection, the bags are now infused with typography designs like the “Been a CHAMP” version on four nylon options of the Le Pliage® – a shoulder bag, a small tote, a cute mini backpack, and a belt bag.

Others include a spacious travel bag that is decorated with red EU hearts and Longchamp racehorses; and the Le Pliage® Cuir, which now features a bold, boxing-style logo printed over the EU bleeding heart.


Swipe the gallery below to see the campaign shot by photographer Kenneth Cappello:


The Longchamp x Emotionally Unavailable collection launches on 27th April 2021 at select Longchamp boutiques worldwide and also on the Longchamp official e-commerce platform.

For more information and to purchase, visit



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