See what had happened for the resort season in fashion during the pandemic

Pivoting from showcases held at exotic locales to premiering on our laptop screens, Resort 2021 may have downsized in quantity but certainly not in quality.
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With the pandemic having virtually grounded everyone resulting in fashion weeks going phy-gital, this resort season has become the de facto mouthpiece speaking crystal-clearly about fashion’s current state of mind.

The verdict is a curious case of extremes: the wearable, practical and comfortable versus the fantastic, dreamy, and romantic — a balancing act of each camp carrying comparable cachet in what designers believe will satisfy our sartorial needs and wants, as for now.

1607577675403593 bottega veneta 1607577681320801 christian wijnants
1607577688832870 valentino1607577702121406 balenciaga
Bottega Veneta, Christian Wijnants, Valentino and Balenciaga.

A Searing Statement

Pulling back from extravagance but not visual impact, the wardrobe solution to a work-from-home world and social-distancing style of living seems to have converged on a more refined, unfussy silhouette being served a strong, solid mono-colour block. Designers who have embraced this philosophy are proposing clean, languid forms that either skim the figure or billow around it.

This ease and effortlessness—that we sought from the clothes we wore in a lockdown and are now accustomed to—is then purposefully injected with a joyful, vibrant chromatic palette of acid yellows, jade greens, cherry reds, and electric blues and pinks, as seen at Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and others.

1607579017637143 dior1607579024180500 prada
1607579034087477 alexander mcqueen 1607579057788108 rokh
Dior, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Rokh.

Lady of The House

Conservative and ladylike have long been banished from the millennial style lexicon of louche loungewear and oversized outfits. But the ultra-feminine fit-and-flare forms reminiscent of a mid-century modern staple has surreptitiously crept in and taken up residence for Resort 2021 in the abodes of Prada, Dior, Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu.

This renewed and positive alignment to festive wear and party dressing may be just what we all need to purge us from pandemic (and sweatsuit) fatigue and to motivate us to get suitably attired for the holiday season—with a splash of nostalgia, sensuality and vintage glamour for good measure.

1607579282028938 burberry 1607579286729050 gabriela hearst
1607579303000154 gucci  11607579306171137 giambattista valli
Burberry, Gabriela Hearst, Gucci and Giambattista Valli.

Tailored for The Times

From season to season, tailoring gets tweaked according to the trends of the zeitgeist but a well-cut suit is always a great investment piece for the long haul. Getting plenty of love at Resort 2021, the blazer-and-trouser pairing is part and parcel of the trans-season’s rehashing effort to make the tried and tested fresh and covetable in less ebullient times.

Prada innovatively emblazons its mid-length blazer coat with tiny spring blooms, while Burberry gives its fine-checked number an athletic twist. Contrasting hues define Gucci’s three-piece ensemble, perfect to be worn as separates, alongside asymmetrical and ribbon tie details that are also found embellishing the true classic.

1607579497252745 moschino 1607579500994755 bottega veneta  2
1607579506144347 msgm1607579525239246 versace
Moschino, Bottega Veneta, MSGM and Versace.

A Matter of Print

A quickfire way to jazz up dressing at home is to give your chosen outfit an all-over pattern treatment. Perfect to spark joy and cheer for yourself and for your family, friends, and followers IRL or on any of your digital or social media platforms, be it Zoom, Instagram or TikTok.

Brave souls will love Gucci’s no-holds-barred combination of clashing yet coordinated Flora-like prints. Nature Inspirations run the gamut from MSGM’s top-to-toe neon blossoms to Stella McCartney’s verdant gardens. Yet, others may prefer the inanimate such as Bottega Veneta’s graphic geometry, Moschino’s quirky drawings or Versace’s acid-tripping grooves.

1607579681575617 jw anderson 1607579687596281 miu miu  1
1607579725088319 chanel 1607579738893494 mm6maisonmargiela
JW Anderson, Miu Miu, Chanel and Maison Margiela.

Homebody Style

When homebound and relegated to life revolving around the couch, kitchen island and WFH nook, comfort is always key. An elevated choice in comparison to sweats, knitwear is an option that is just as cosy and stretchy for staying in, albeit with more spirit and sass.

Bottega Veneta and Chanel serve up coordinated knits in sweet pastels, while Miu Miu and Sportmax take the monochromatic route and add interesting elements such as collegiate-inspired details and cut-outs. Using an outof- the-box approach, JW Anderson and MM6 Maison Margiela both give knitwear a twist of crafty irreverence with playful pompoms and the like.

1607579934550679 jil sander 1607579945326231 louis vuitton
1607579973046288 molly goddard1607580002946418 chanel
Jil Sander, Louis Vuitton, Molly Goddard and Chanel.

When Evening Comes

Designers have kept hope alive with an abundance of fancy frocks should the prospect of black-tie events magically appear on the horizon come the year end. They dispel heavy beading and stiff structures, leaving only the lightest, wispiest and most diaphanous evening wear for a cool, sophisticated global girl to jet easily from casual to formal; day to night; spring to summer and fall/winter.

To this effect, Dior and Valentino showcase couture emblems of floral appliques and artisanal embroidery on elegantly draped silhouettes while Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander embark on a modernist passage to rewrite the rules of what to wear when out celebrating at nightfall.



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