Matching sets are officially the new uniform for 2020

Matching sets are the effortless take on lazy girl fashion.
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If you’re obsessed with outfit inspiration just as much as we are, you’ve more than likely seen your favourite influencers parading a matching set while scrolling your Instagram feed recently.

Matching sets (also known as two-pieces or co-ords) are essentially two pieces meant to go together, like a fashion puzzle piece. As we transition from our work-from-home uniforms (it's time to retire the pyjamas) to socially acceptable clothing, the matching set trend seems to be the perfect solution.

All thought and effort that went into choosing a curated outfit are no longer. Whether you wear them together or mix and match, below we break down why the life hack that is matching sets are all the rage right now.

Who says matching sets must be casual? For the nights that require a little more effort, but still virtually no effort at all, opt for a matching blouse and skirt set. This is the perfect way to dress up any occasion, while still channeling your inner lazy girl.

Summer might be winding down, but the matching sets you wear to the pool are a year-round staple if you ask us. Also perfect for lounging on the couch or running to the store, the peek-a-boo bikini under a matching set will be trendy through Spring!

Another reason we love the matching set trend: adding color to your wardrobe could not be easier because you no longer have to worry about clashing tones. While still maintaining an elevated look, add a pop of purple to your closet this season with this full ensemble.

A matching, tie dye sweat suit? Count us in. For the days that jeans are too much of a hassle (which seems to be everyday now) try a matching sweat suit separate. Fun colors and patterns not only lift your mood, but urge the idea of togetherness.


Unisex two-pieces just made date night a whole lot better. With gender neutral clothing on the rise, matching sets are the perfect way to ease into the fluidity of the trend. Couples that match together, stay together!

Use this trend to experiment with different types of garments and color schemes. Earth tones are on the rise, and so are vests, and we couldn’t encourage this masterpiece of a matching set more!

Dual fabric sets are always a yes! Play with different materials and patterns that you wouldn’t normally wear when choosing your next co-ord. This blue-and-cream denim set might just be our next purchase.

A sweater and shorts combo works perfectly fine too as a transition from pyjamas to appropriate daily wear. And above all, it doesn't compromise comfort at all.

This is probably our favourite way to dress up in style while looking chill and feeling at home.



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