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7 things G-Dragon personalised that shows his exceptional artistic talents

It goes to show that G-Dragon is more than just a K-Pop artist.

One of the most celebrated K-Pop artist, G-Dragon of Big Bang (@xxxibgdrgn) is more than just a rapper - he is also a songwriter, producer, fashion entrepreneur and icon; and above all, a true artist!

And his recent PEACEMINUSONE x Nike collaboration shows yet another brilliant artistic side of him - one that caused waves of excitement around the world.

In celebration of his artistic prowess and iconic fashion, we chronicle some of the most stunning personalised fashion items that he created over the years.

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Chanel Gabrielle Bag
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Nike Air Force 1
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1566899099396215 20394388 1862706127380482 852411967279726592 n
OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Jordan 1
1566899103227516 24178163 951593841663991 1331318138091864064 n
Balenciaga Triple S
1566899205434711 19424981 190610988136133 9209145760845660160 n
Dr. Martens
1566900108531073 27893291 212563032632924 4937559150113587200 n
Credit Card



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