Make It Possible, Tommy Hilfiger's new sustainability project

By 2030, Tommy Hilfiger aims to create fashion that "Waste Nothing and Welcomes All", which includes 24 ambitious targets.
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Tommy Hilfiger continues its sustainability mission without slowing down with the new "Make It Possible" programme.

Along with its Fall 2020 Tommy Jeans collection and 100% recycled designs, it continues to emphasise the concept of "Waste Nothing and Welcomes All".

With 24 ambitious goals to be achieved by the year 2030, Tommy Hilfiger embarks on a visionary journey to reduce its negative impacts to zero, increase our positive impacts to 100% and improving one million lives in its value chain.

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On this journey, the designer and founder Tommy Hilfiger himself says, "Our brand has evolved over the years, driven by this spirit of integration and our commitment to sustainable development – both socially and environmentally.

"With “Make it Possible”, we go even further in our commitment. We are working hard to realize our vision, the whole company is focused on these goals. We still have a long way to go, but we will get there."

The "Make It Possible" project will progress based on the “Forward Fashion” strategy, a concept started by its parent company PVH Group. For Tommy Hilfiger, its efforts will be based on four pillars, namely:

  • Circle Round: Make products to be fully circular, and part of a sustainable loop.
  • Made for Life: Operate with sensitivity to planetary boundaries, for instance in the areas of climate change, land use, freshwater and chemical pollution, from what we buy to where we sell.
  • Everyone Welcome: Be a brand that works for every TOMMY Fan – always inclusive, completely accessible.
  • Opportunity for All: Create equal access to opportunity – no barriers to success at Tommy Hilfiger.

One of the fruits borne from Tommy Hilfiger's sustainable approach is the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection, a series of clothing made to provide modern style with innovative modifications that empower people and make dressing easier, notably those with prosthetics.


You can watch and discover more about Make It Possible in the video below:

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