From Dawn to Dusk: Kendall Jenner is back for Longchamp Spring 2020

A dream beneath the Californian desert sky.
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Last September at Hearst Plaza, Longchamp presented its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, a whimsical explosion of mellow colours and airy silhouettes inspired by Judy Chicago's fireworks and smoke in the desert.

To recreate the dreamlike scenery for its coming Spring/Summer 2020 ad campaign, Longchamp sets out on a quest to the Californian desert, and through the lens of Columbine Goldsmith, we explore the solar journey from dawn to dusk – with Kendall Jenner, of course.

1580377829002511 campaign ss20 3 dp.
1580377838998328 campaign ss20 2 dp.

The campaign features three distinct visuals, where Kendall Jenner clad in a red leather mini-dress, a pale celadon leather coat and a pastel hooded dress. Each of the looks creates a mesmerising colour-blocking effect against the azure desert sky that reflects a different time of the day – midday, golden hour and the dayspring.

Longchamp Roseau bag mini edition is the twinkler across the campaign. This season, the classic design of Longchamp returns as the style à la mode – the toggle comes in a modern, oversized proportion, while the detachable strap allows wearers to carry with various ways.

Be it a delicate evening bag or a cross-body statement, the Roseau can fit into your look. 

1580377824717897 campaign ss20 1 dp.

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