Neelofa, Park So Dam, Scha and more Asian stars are rocking the new LV PONT 9

From Scha Alyahya to Blackpink's Lisa, Liu Yi Fei and Chiara Ferragni, the LV Pont 9 is the new go-to arm candy of the stars all over the world.
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Every season, we have a bag that will shake the fashion industry where we see the biggest celebrities and personalities copping the bag and this May 2020, a new star has descended – LV Pont 9 (see: #LVPont9).

A new modern, yet timeless leather bag by the house of Louis Vuitton, the LV Pont 9 brings new definition to the idea of "Parisian Chic" with its sleek, rounded and elevated silhouette.

With a name that was inspired by Paris’ Pont Neuf, the oldest and most celebrated bridge that sits opposite Louis Vuitton’s headquarters in Paris, the LV Pont 9 is a star that showcases the excellence of Louis Vuitton's savoir-faire.

And with the global launch on 29th May 2020, the stars are flocking social media to showcase their love for the bag and we decided to compile our favourite LV Pont 9 looks from the most stylish Asian superstars including Neelofa, Son Na Eun, Scha Alyahya, Park So Dam, Rainie Yang, G.E.M and more.


Scroll down to see who wore the LV Pont 9 best:

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Yoyo Cao
1590755278166066 1590739517249
1590755300208286 1590734824208
Son Na Eun
1590755307248233 1590755123431
Claudia Kim
1590755312180764 1590755182537
Rainie Yang
1590755327295174 1590747198062
Park So Dam
1590755341004867 1590747155924
Kiwi Lee
1590755445772585 1590739919402
Scha Alyahya
1590755355654667 1590741087574
1590755367343905 1590734885668
Maria Tani
1590755376979500 1590734844839
Janice Man
1590755387363562 1590747111088
Jessica Jung



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