Kate Spade stars adorable felines in holiday campaign with Allergic Rescuers KL

The cats are out of the Kate Spade bags and we are in love with these adorable kitties and their stylish co-stars including Ameera, Daiyan, Kittie and more.
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Cats have always been a mascot featured prominently in the history of Kate Spade New York and this holiday season, the adorable feline takes centre stage once again in a range of clothing, handbags, jewellery, shoes and home items – all envisioned by creative director Nicola Glass.

And to celebrate the holiday season with love, joy and kindness, Kate Spade unveils a special local Malaysian campaign in partnership with local animal rescue team, Allergic Rescuers KL (@allergicrescuerskl), to spread the awareness on pet adoption.

Starring seven of Malaysia's most stylish girls and major cat lovers, the campaign is one that warms the heart  (see the campaign images below).

Together with the founder of Allergic Rescuers, Rosy Kim, the girls including Ameera Khan (@littlemisskhan), Daiyan Trisha (@daiyantrisha), Kittie Yiyi (@kittieyiyi), Ally Mukhriz (@ally.mukhriz), Aina Syahirah (@ainasyahirah) and Julie Ann Kang (@julieannkang) are each partnered with an adorable rescue cat to show the endearing sides of the felines, all looking for a new home.

So time to join these amazing fashionistas in spreading the message of love and kindness; and to adopt, not shop when looking to add pet companion into your life. After all, what better way to spend the holidays than doing some good while finding a life-long companion that will be there for you no matter what.

Together with the launch of this campaign, we also have the chance to get a quick tête-à-tête with the amazing social media content curator Ameera Khan to talk cats, Kate Spade and the holidays season (scroll down to read the interview).


 5 minutes with Ameera Khan

How was the experience like shooting for Kate Spade New York’s Holiday campaign?

It was probably one of the fastest shoots I have done, and that’s always a good thing for me. The team was efficient, fun and made me feel comfortable. I was paired up with the most
adorable little Rhu Rhu.

My first experience working with Kate Spade is amazing, and I hope there’s more to come!


What do you think of this collaboration between Kate Spade and Allergic Rescuers?

If I’m being honest, the main reason why I said yes to participating in this shoot was when I found out Kate Spade’s collaborating with Allergic Rescuers. If you know me, you know I love animals, especially cats. Adopting a pet helps more than just one animal. You’re saving and changing lives.


The Kate Spade Holiday collection this time also features a lot of cat motifs, which are your favourite pieces for the collection?

The ring that I was wearing!

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Ameera Khan in Kate Spade New York Holiday 2020 collection and Rhu Rhu the cat

December is the season of love, holidays, gifting and celebration. What does the holiday season mean to you?

It’s honestly my favourite time of the year, the lights and music. When in London, the cold weather, winter wonderland, churros, just everything about Christmas is so joyful. To me it’s all about family, eating good food and a chance to give.


What would be your perfect gift this holiday season?

Honestly the vaccine for COVID-19 so I can start travelling again.


In the spirit of the holiday season and to spread love and kindness, can you give us a message you wish to spread to others?

I hope Santa is good to all of us this year since we’ve been great, staying home and all. Sending you love, light and the warmest hug. Merry Christmas ❤❤!



To learn more about Allergic Rescuers, visit their Facebook here and Instagram at @allergicrescuerskl.

Shop Kate Spade New York’s holiday collection here.



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