Kai is the first Korean global ambassador to be cast for Gucci

The front row regular of Gucci, Kai of EXO has officially made his campaign debut for the Italian house's latest eyewear campaign.
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For its Fall Winter 2019 eyewear campaign, Gucci delves into the power of individuals to ignite fascination. The campaign starring its regular Asian muse, Ni Ni (who fronts Gucci eyewear for the sixth consecutive season) along with K-Pop star, Kai of EXO, the royal f-row guest of Gucci.

This also marks a new milestone for both Gucci and Kai, as he is the first-ever Korean male personality to be cast as a Gucci global ambassador.

In the campaign, cult filmmaker and photographer Harmony Korine captures the enchanting glares of Ni Ni and Kai, of which deliver their views, beliefs, and values through the lens of Gucci eyewear. 

1568791008767001 gucci fw19 eyewear ni ni 2 dps 300dpi
1568791012814230 gucci fw19 eyewear kai 2 dps 300dpi

Featuring both optical glasses and shades, Ni Ni rocks a ‘70s belle with Gucci's signature enamel stripe designs crafted on metal frames. Whilst Kai dons two masculine club master models adorned with Gucci Web motif, of which the excellent union of tortoiseshell, horn, mother-of-pearl and gold metal truly embodies the divine craftsmanship at Gucci.


Swipe the gallery to check out Gucci Fall Winter 2019 eyewear collection:


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