Jojo Styles: 1 Chanel jacket, 4 styles

Our ambassador Jojo Goh does mix-and-match with the Chanel jacket for four unique looks.
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A classic among classics, the Chanel tweed jacket is something that everyone wants in the wardrobe – be it a lady or gent.

Timeless, versatile and meant to be worn multiple ways, it is a star that makes every look brighter and this month, we have our ambassador Jojo Goh (@gojojojojogoh) wearing the icon in four distinctive styles.

In her words: "Let’s be realistic, not everybody has the wardrobe of the rich and famous. But the one thing always worth investing in is a timeless piece of Chanel."

"I never find monochrome boring, but I do find wearing clothes exactly how they are meant to can sometimes make one look too rigid. Spice it up!"

Tweed jacket, CHANEL. Top and skirt, CALVIN KLEIN PLATINUM LABEL. Mules and socks, H&M.

"I try to be pragmatic hence I’m a big fan
 of the mix and match. Jacket on jacket with a puffy skirt – I think that shows even more characters when dressing for a night out."

Tweed jacket, CHANEL. Blazer and shoes, DKNY. Puff skirt, H&M.

"Layering is the reason why street style is so fun. There are basically no rules as long as you can rock the look. Pants too loose? Fold it. On the waist, no less. And then elevate the whole ensemble with the right jacket."

Tweed jacket, CHANEL. Outfit, H&M.

"Let’s do it the K-Pop way? Sneakers are taking the fashion world by storm; no harm riding on the tide, especially with a petite frame. You will spot me 
in a crowd – in my Chanel."

Tweed jacket, CHANEL. T-shirt, skirt, backpack and socks, H&M. Cap, LEVI’S. Sneakers, ADIDAS NMD.

Photography: Raymond Pung
Styling: Jojo Goh
Makeup: Chin Mun/Diva Productions
Hair: Kay Tuan/Diva Productions



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