A Family Affair: Meet Dior Bobby, the new addition to the French family

The newest edition to the family of iconic Dior bags has arrived.

The idea of feminism ignites with a mother-and-daughter pair bonding at home, joined by Dior Bobby, the new It bag from the fashion house's Fall 2020 collection, whose timeless and functional design is a perfect match for the brand’s twin values of womanhood and liberation.

Sleek, structured with a muted boldness that captivates the eyes and the heart of the beholder, this new member of the Dior family is set to be an icon for years to come. Witness its beauty right here:

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Dior Bobby bag in white
1591344327366137 168800132
Dior Bobby bag in black
1591344371344121 168800122
Dior Bobby bag in black

Photography & Art Direction: Lean Lui

Models: Shirley Yang & Yvonne Lui



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