Walk on the wild side with YSL Beauty feat. Zoë Kravitz and Edie Campbell

A pop of red never hurt nobody.
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YSL Beauty’s Rouge Pur Couture The Slim once again reinvents itself, dedicating its entire existence to those who fancy a bold dash of wildness. From high-pigment shades to its python inspired packaging, the coming Slim Wild Collectors is set to elevate your matte look with an unapologetic attitude. 

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The Slim Wild Collectors features six different shades of red, encapsulated in the brand’s iconic square tapered bullets.

Rebellious than ever, the new collection promises irresistible couture-inspired colours and long-wearing formula to create bold, intense matte kiss without dehydrating the lips. Do not let the square-cut bullet intimidate you, the edges are made to perfect a sharp definition.

Start with the high point to define the cupid’s bow, trace the corner and bottom lip, and finally, fill in the pout by slightly laying the bullet.


Scroll down and get inspired by Zoë Kravitz and Edie Campbell's fearless looks using The Slim Wild Collectors:

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Zoë Kravitz featuring the Lips: The Slim No. 28
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Edie Campbell featuring Lips: The Slim No. 28

Lips: The Slim No 28

The Slim Wild Collectors will be available in YSL Boutiques and from July 2020 onwards.



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