Editor's Diary: #BringOnTheJoy with Coach and Jane Chuck

Our editor flew to Singapore with Jane Chuck to party at the Coach #BringOnTheJoy Holiday party.
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Remember that dance-inducing disco-themed holiday film by Coach that we shared with you last month?

Well, we actually had the chance to experience it first hand when Coach flew us over to Singapore a few weeks ago to preview its Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

And if you are following us on Instagram (@lofficielmalaysia), you would've gotten a glimpse of it through our digital editor Calvin Chong's postings.

Now, we are about to give you more as we bring you our special festive Editor's Diary, featuring the one-and-only Jane Chuck (@janechuck) and guest starring the dashing Brian See (@mrbriansee)!

Did #TheyWokeUpLikeThis?

We had an early start to the day.

And when I arrive at the airport dressed in comfortable rags (in sweats and jeans), these two are spotted head-to-toe #OOTD-ready in their version of "sweat and jeans".

They really did make me ask, "Did you wake up like this?"

You can never go wrong with #AllBlackEverything

So let's break down Jane's outfit (since she is the star of my diary).

And it's true when they say "you can never go wrong in black" because look at her pairing her Coach Dinky bag and shearling sneakers in simple, yet perfectly chic slogan sweater and black denim.

Of course, morning flights are harsh and that means no makeup (okay, maybe some BB cream) but I honestly think she doesn't need any makeup (unlike the rest of us...).

What's in for #CoachSS18?

First item on the list: we got chauffeured off to The Luxe Museum where Coach has set up a showroom to showcase their Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

And this coming season, Coach is bringing a new touch of luxe to the collection with a heavy use of sequins and embellishments.

That means there's plenty of red carpet worthy ensembles for the taking and in Coach's words: "A downtown, undone take on dressing up"!

(See for yourself in the gallery below)

#CoachxKeithHaring is back

And also in the pipeline for Spring/Summer 2018 is the return of the Coach x Keith Haring collection.

A partnership with Artestar, Coach showcases a series of amazing tote bags with Keith Haring artworks, along with other various designs.

They are so adorably chic that Jane had three for the photo.

Oh, did you know that the Coach monogram is also making a comeback for the next season and this time, it has an urban chic touch to it?

(See what I am talking about in the gallery below)

Our perfect #OOTD models of the day

And what would any event with Jane and Brian be without the media harassing them for multiple photo-ops and a few wardrobe changes?

And right here we have the two wearing some of the key pieces of the Coach Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Really, they can wear anything and pose however they want and each shot is a 10/10.

(Swipe below for more photos)


And for the big finale of this diary, we sped off to a hidden location for the Coach #BringOnTheJoy holiday party.

Housed in a warehouse, we were showered with nostalgic arcade games (think Jet Fighter, Pac Man and pinball machines), delicious canapés, bottomless cocktails and champagne (hick) and even claw machines, where you can win some amazing prizes (including the Dinky bag!).

Essentially, this party is a exact duplicate of the Coach Holiday 2017 film!

(See it for yourselves in this final gallery below)




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