Beyoncé has new songs and a Netflix documentary coming!

The QUEEN never stops and we are living for it!
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Two new Beyoncé projects are set to be released, according to " Us Weekly, " along with Beyonce's voice-actor role dubbing as Nala in Disney's upcoming live-action movie, "The Lion King".

Multiple sources said the singer plans to release several new songs this year along with a Netflix documentary focusing on her performance at Coachella in 2018 – which many have come to know as #BEYCHELLA.

One source said "Beyoncé does not have a whole new album," but she's recording "some new tracks for an album full of old songs." They will be their first new solo album since Lemonade was released in 2016.

A second source said the Netflix documentary "will be tied to its performance at Coachella 2018 " with additional footage. This Coachella performance, by the way, had an impressive repertoire of 26 songs that spanned his entire career.

Beyoncé recognised the importance of her performance as she addressed the Coachella crowd during her set saying, "Thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to head Coachella."

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