Backstage ritual unveiled at Gucci Fall/Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Show

The real show only happens for once -unrepeatable and unduplicatable.
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At Gucci Fall Winter 2020 show, creative director Alessandro Michele put the most solemn and emotional ritual of fashion show into a mesmerising 360° view. Curtain went up and an unexpected set of a show's backstage unfolded before the guests.

Days ahead of the show, an audio invitation from Alessandro Michele was circulating on Instagram, followed by the picture of the designer's outfit to the show. Everything is so wonderfully raw, giving a hint at the forthcoming intimate presentation.

It's no longer just about the garments, but also the crew who cultivates and realises the dream. Backstage took over the runway at Gucci, from the first looks to final touches, guests were given an unreserved glimpse into the chaotic affairs behind the scenes. 


"I decided to unveil what lies behind the curtains. May the miracle of skillful hands and holding breath come out of the shadows.”


-Alessandro Michele

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Alessandro Michele named the show 'An Unrepeatable Ritual', like the show itself, the creative process behind the creations and everyone's childhood – personal and unduplicatable. 

The collection reminisced our childhood wardrobe with emblems like Peter Pan collars, Victorian trains on dresses and wool knitted cardigans; finished with Gucci's now-signature ecocentrism. It was enchantingly disordered with the absence of judgements and stereotypes.

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Swipe the gallery to see all the looks from Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Show:


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