Vans x Sandy Liang collab is what a 90s dream looks like

The Nineties never really left us.
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Vans has announced a new collaboration collection with New York designer Sandy Liang, which is set to launch on 21st February 2020.

Coming from Bayside, Queens, Sandy Liang grows up to Destiny's Child, once let Harry Porter and Twilight consumed her, and Chinatown grandmas are her fashion guru. Sandy Liang is doubtlessly the designer crush in our radar, and within seasons she established her very own signature takes on fashion -a bold and soft blend of materials, colours and prints.

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For her collaboration with Vans, Sandy Liang conjures the sweetest 90s reminiscence on a line-up of Vans' star products including the Old Skool and the Platform Slip-On.

Emblems like butterfly, jewels and chains are employed across the collection to exude the magnetism and playfulness of the generation. 


Swipe the gallery to take a look at our favourite picks from Vans x Sandy Liang collab collection:



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