From Set to Show and Stars: Virginie Viard's first Chanel Haute Couture

This season, Chanel transformed Grand Palais into an incredible period library to present its haute couture collection Fall/Winter 2019, the first by Virginie Viard, post-Lagerfeld.
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The Set

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Directly referencing to Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld's love for reading and collecting books, Chanel unveiled a majestic period library set inside the Grand Palais – continuing the tradition of the house's incredible effort in taking its guests to an alternate universe for its shows.

Inspired by that of Mademoiselle, Karl's favourite bookshop in Paris, Galignani, and also the studio of the late designers, the decor tended once again to perpetuate the heritage of the house, and its legendary creators.

The Eyewear

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Since we are in the library, eyewear is given to be one of the main highlights.

Giving them a decidedly intellectual look, the reading glasses were delicately placed on the models who walked the show. A fashion detail giving the woman Chanel the look of a young woman eager for culture, poetry, novels, the Chanel girls this season are sharp, witty and chic.

Echoing the exceptional decor, the category is "Librarian Chic".

The Sleepwear Couture

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© Chanel

Lither and ethereal, some were seen gliding on the runway in slippers and shoes with satin bow or moccasins in black patent leather to reinvent the signature two-tone geometry of the House.

But above all, she trades her evening dress for a set of delicate pyjamas in powdered shades of the boudoir way.  Who could argue with this? After all, it's every fashion-obsessed bookworm's dream to lounge inside a fantasy-like library in a set of luxe and comfortable set of couture pyjamas.

The Couture Evening


Synonymous with high fashion, Chanel takes this season's collection into variations around the – evening dresses adapted for couture night birds. Upgraded with a petticoat, a strawberry collar, sequined flowers or a strapless bodice, the evening dress has been revised from every angle.

From this show, we foresee many red carpet worthy to come Chanel's way for the next awards season.

A Tribute to Karl

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© Chanel

It has slowly become one of the signatures of Virginie. In each of her collections for Chanel, the designer has not failed to pay tribute to her precious mentor Karl.

For her couture debut, Virginie created an evening interpretation of Karl's domineering black and white tuxedo look – complete with a black bow and the minuscule details that we love from the legend himself.


The Stars of Chanel

From Margot Robbie and Caroline de Maigret to Marion Cotillard ... some of the biggest celebrities of the east and west made the trip to applaud this exceptional collection and to support the successor to the show.

All dressed in Chanel's finest, the front row is another show worth spectating over.



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