What does Gabrielle Chanel smell like?

"The fragrance Gabrielle Chanel is her, is us, it's majestic, courageous, valiant, bold and passionately feminine."
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2017 is really a year that keeps on giving, especially with the house of Chanel, as they celebrate its founder with the "Year of Gabrielle" campaign.

From the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition to the Chanel's Gabrielle Bag, everything was a tribute to the one and only Gabrielle Coco Chanel and now, we present to you the Gabrielle Chanel fragrance.

A fragrance that embodies everything that resonates to Mademoiselle Chanel herself, it is also a celebration of women everywhere and a new icon in the making. After all, a new Chanel fragrance is a once-in-a-decade phenomenon.

And here, we break down to you on what Gabrielle Chanel will smell like.

The Inspiration

Each Chanel fragrance created tells a part of the story of Gabrielle Chanel.

Started with Chanel N°5 that showcases her rebellious spirit and daring nature to all the successors that reflect a time, place, memory or person (like Boy Capel), we now come full circle to witness the birth of the Gabrielle Chanel fragrance.

A perfume made to reflect all that is her, the scent conveys the full personality of Mademoiselle Chanel, from her public to private facets to her temperament and romantic, loving soul.

The use of her true name Gabrielle, for the fragrance, reflects a "bare-all" mindset, as most call her Mademoiselle, while friends refer to her as Coco. 

The Scent

When it comes to fragrances, it is safe to say that Chanel has featured almost all floral notes in its arsenal of scents.

So for this new scent of epic proportions, perfumer Olivier Polge dived into the idea of using primarily white flowers, which included ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose and orange blossom.

All of these white floral stand at the core of Chanel's olfactory experience, but now, Olivier enhances and composes new heights with these four floral.

For Jasmine, the trick was simple: increasing its intensity. Then, the Ylang-ylang was mixed with white musk notes for velvet touches, while orange blossom gets a boost with mandarin peel, grapefruit and black currant.

And for the creamy tuberose, sandalwood is used to get the extra milkiness. The result is a white so powerful and radiant that it radiates from the skin!

The liquid stayed the same, in a golden amber hue that captivates all.

The Design

For such an outstanding scent, an equally perfect bottle is needed.

Bringing the "bare-all" aesthetic to play, the glass for the bottle has been refined to its thinnest possible to allow the hue of the liquid radiate extensively.

The silhouette comes in a square, reflecting the lines of all Chanel bottles, while the "marloquette" (the slightly curved bottom inside the bottle) has now been pushed outward and polished to perfection.

And finally, to cap the bottle, a matte lamé stopper and box are chosen to encase the precious Gabrielle Chanel fragrance.

The Lady

So, for this extravagant scent, who is the lady wearing it?

In Chanel's words, "Gabrielle Chanel is a fragrance for a woman who chooses her own path."

A daring new scent that radiates with power, it is the perfect companion to those with a rebellious spirit, daring soul and confident personality, just like Mademoiselle herself.

In our way of reinterpreting it, this is a fragrance made for those who are confident that they can carry the scent, no matter who you are, what you do and where you come from.

And for its inaugural campaign, launching 1st September 2017, Chanel has appointed one of its favourite girls Kristen Stewart to be the face of the fragrance.

Set to launch in September 2017, Chanel's Gabrielle Chanel fragrance will be coming to selected Chanel boutiques, Chanel Beauté stores and Chanel beauty counters worldwide.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on this exciting new fragrance. 



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