The Le Labo City Exclusive collection can bring you around the world through your senses

An annual affair that makes the City Exclusive collection available worldwide for just one month, this is something you cannot miss from Le Labo.
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Do you recall a particular scent or relive a particular moment when you think of a specific city? Or do you associate a certain fragrance note to a particular place you have been? That is what Le Labo's City Exclusive collection is all about – a series of fragrances inspired by the characteristics of a major city in the world.

Since its founding, Le Labo has made it a tradition to dedicate one of its City Exclusive fragrances to a city, where the fragrance will only be available for sale in the city it is created for (yes, that means you cannot buy it anywhere outside of that city).

Adding Seoul to the list this year with Citron 28, the City Exclusive collection now comprises of 14 unique scents, where each reflects the unique nuances of a major city in the world, from New York and Dallas to Dubai, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

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Citron 28 (Seoul)

And to make it a special treat to its loyal patrons, Le Labo makes an annual City Exclusive event worldwide in September, where these 14 scents are made available worldwide in every Le Labo store for the entire month. A fitting affair for us right now as travelling overseas are restricted to a minimal.

And ahead of the City Exclusive event launching in September, you can now visit your nearest Le Labo store (ours will be in Suria KLCC) to purchase the Discovery Set, a mini testing set of 5 scents to test out and find your favourite among the 14 available.

It's the perfect way to try the fragrance on your body in various occasions to find your one true pairing!

1597640084864291 citron 28 flat lay
The core ingredients of the Citron 28 (Seoul)

And here at Malaysia's very own standalone Le Labo boutique in Suria KLCC, each fragrance is individually hand-blended to ensure a fresh bottle for every customer of Le Labo. Nothing is premade in advance and each unique to its own, unlike certain retailers and department stores that stock the brand.

A tip for all interested in the Le Labo City Exclusive fragrances, did you know that upon purchasing one of the fourteen scents, you can then get your City Exclusive refill at all Le Labo stores worldwide (provided that the store has the specific oil and ingredients).

Yes, that means after the 1-month special event, you don't have to worry about your City Exclusive scent running out and you'd have to travel to the specific city again to purchase your refill. All you need to do is bring your City Exclusive empty bottle to a Le Labo boutique that has the Le Labo Fragrance Lab available and you're good to go!

1597640104231877 city exclusives 2020 1
The Le Labo City Exclusive collection

Before we wrap it up, here's the full list of Le Labo City Exclusive fragrances to let you have a headstart on which to go for (personally, we pick our favourites based on the city we love most):


Aldehyde 44 (Dallas)

Baie Rose 26 (Chicago)

Benjoin 19 (Moscow)

Bigarade 18 (Hong Kong)

Citron 28 (Seoul)

Cuir 28 (Dubai)

Gaiac 10 (Tokyo)

Limette 37 (San Francisco)

Mousse de Chene 30 (Amsterdam)

Musc 25 (Los Angeles)

Poivre 23 (London)

Tabac 28 (Miami)

Tubereuse 40 (New York)

Vanille 44 (Paris)


You can now find out more about the Le Labo City Exclusive fragrances on or visit the Le Labo store at Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.



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