Tried & tested: Philips SenseIQ line gives the love and care your hair deserves

Never underestimate how a great hair dryer can change your life.
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Philips introduces new additions to its SenseIQ family with a hair dryer and straightener. From its name, you probably know what to expect, but you’re in for a greater surprise.

Here, we break down how the duo lives up to its calling to personalize, sense, adapt and care - based upon our writer Noel's user experience.


Read on to find out what she thinks:

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Philips Prestige Hair Dryer BHD628

Personally, I have thick and wavy hair. So, concentrated airflow distribution and fast-drying performance are what I look for in a hair dryer. The Philips hair dryer promises both without compromising on the well-being of the locks. 

In fact, it accommodates to literally any hairstyle, texture and condition, thanks to its Intelligent SenseIQ Technology. With the built-in infrared sensor, the Philips hairdryer reads the hair’s temperature and constantly adjusts the airflow up to 4,000 times per drying session to prevent overheating, meaning no more sudden heat that feels like the air is burning your scalp. 

It is hard to overlook the defined waves and soft and silky finish this hair dryer gives. Whilst locking-in up the hair’s natural moisture, it also releases two times more ions to condition and nourishes the mane - the result simply speaks for itself.

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Philips Prestige Hair Dryer BHD628

Knowing what the latest SenseIQ hair dryer is capable of, I’m amazed by its lightweight body and travel-friendly size.

It comes with three attachments that serve different purposes -a drying nozzle for everyday use, a styling nozzle that focuses the airflow for precise styling, and a diffuser for curly and wavy hair.

Switch between the preset speeds and drying modes according to your own needs; the dryer also comes with a cool shot button to easily set your style. The SenseIQ is active in Gentle and Dry modes for a personalised blow-drying and styling experience.

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Philips Prestige Straightener BHS830/03

Developed in the same vein as the hair dryer, Philips SenseIQ Straightener highlights the Tetra Ionic System that leaves hair with shine. Even without the help of any products, you can tell the difference in the hair’s lustrous, smoothness and movement. 

Instead of straightening my hair, I used the Philips hair straightener to enhance my waves, and I am sold with its floating plates.

As the plates are not affixed to the casing, it is easier for the two sides to meet each other, and that’s how you can secure more locks in one glide and clamp them more precisely and effortlessly. And if you are in dilemma between a straightener and a curler, I would suggest this straightener for its rounded edges that allow you to create the ideal waves and curls as a curler does!

Featuring LED display, the Philips SenseIQ straighteners makes it easier for the users to monitor the styling temperature. Switch between three different modes - Fast, Normal and Gentle - to choose the heat that adapts to your hair the most. For hair protection, SenseIQ is activated in every mode.

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