We tried the latest Foreo Luna Mini 3 and here's our verdict!

It gives your skin that glow and makes life easier.
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The game-changing Foreo's Luna cleansing device range has just welcomed a new addition, the Luna Mini 3, and we are the lucky ones to try it out! Jumping to conclusions, Luna Mini 3 is the essential beauty gadget for pore care and could be the ideal option for those who want to amp up their daily skincare regimen.

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Foreo Luna Mini 3 T-sonic pulsations

First off, what we've been worried about didn't happen, Luna Mini 3 did not contribute to any irritation to our skin, thanks to its ultra-hygienic, softer than silk silicone touchpoint. Powered by Transdermal Sonic technology, Luna Mini 3 delivers 8000 T-sonic pulsations per minute to promise the ideal daily exfoliation and thorough deep cleansing across the skin. 

The Luna Mini 3 also features 'Glow Boost' mode, a first for a Foreo product. When we tested it out, in just 30 seconds, the Luna Mini 3 diminished the impurities, unclogged our pore and left our skin soft, smooth and easier for the rest of our skincare products to be absorbed.

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And Luna Mini 3 is really here to make you forget about all the myths and worries of a cleansing device with its user-friendly highlights.

Entirely (including the charging point) waterproof, one can enjoy the device completely at ease including the cleaning routine of the device. To clean Luna, you can wash it with soap and rinse with water, or utilise the help of FOREO’s Silicone Cleaning Spray for a better and more assured result.

Once the device is activated and you can personalise the intensity and modes of your cleansing routine on the Foreo app. It just makes life so much easier.


OUR VERDICT: Compared to the highest range of Foreo (which is priced over RM900++), the Luna Mini 3 (priced at RM735)  is quite a bang for your bucks because it is slightly more affordable and yet, features the new 'Glow Boost' mode. Also, the ease of use and mobile app integration is a big bonus for those with a tech-savvy life. 

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Foreo Luna Mini 3 is currently available in Malaysia and you can get it from Sephora stores, and

Foreo Luna Mini 3 in lavender is exclusively available at Sepora stores and on



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