5 Malaysian fitness influencers and gyms that are abs-olutely essential to stay fit home

Staying at home could still get your body well in-shape.
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Staying fit has become quite the challenge even as we transition into the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), where fitness spaces still maintain a small capacity limit for its patrons.

But, have no fear because well-distinguished fitness influencers to local wellness clubs had since launched apps and online subscription programs to allow everyone to work out at home without worrying the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hence, we rounded up these local fitness experts and enthusiasts that you should know and follow on social media to keep yourselves in good shape and stay healthy, even if you're confined at home.

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Malaysia's famous television and radio host, Maggy Wang (@themaggywang) has been working with numerous international brands with her extraordinary ability and charm.

Aside from her entertainment career, she is also a fitness enthusiast and coach. The zeal leads her to become one of the lead instructors of Motion Lab (@motionlabmy), a fitness center that focuses on providing high-quality coaching.

Her well-received class include Move With Maggy, a class on Animal Flow®, an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training.

During the pandemic moment, Motion Lab is providing virtual classes with real-time interaction from certified coaches. Join now and start getting in motion anytime and anywhere.

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A certified trainer, nutrition coach and one of Asia’s best fitness specialists on YouTube, Joanna Soh (@joannasohofficial) created Fio (, a gym-free fitness app that advocates body, nutrition and mind.

To benefit the users to stay fit, Fio provides various work out styles with qualified trainers, wholesome recipes that can be prepared under 20 minutes and videos to educate users with the right mindset.

Download the app and start the challenge now without the need of leaving the house.

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Having countless experiences in teaching spin classes, Yi Ping (@yipingteo) is a person who never gives up and came through endless practices. And we come to know her as one of the most motivating coaches we have met that can hype us up to get fit any time.

Now, she is one of the founder of PWRHOUSE (, a fitness platform to guide and empower everyone through workouts by the professionals.

As everyone needs to comply with the social-distancing rule, PWRHOUSE invites you to join a series of programs through LIVE on their private Instagram account, all in the comfort of your own space.

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Malaysia’s #1 all-women’s gym which empowers women through fitness since 2017, KOA Fitness comprises of a team of female experts that provides numerous programs and group classes that are specifically designed for women’s body.

Ladies out there who are trying to get your body in shape but afraid of intense and hardcore work out, KOA Fitness (@koafitnessmy) is the perfect place for you. And KOA Fitness is also now providing virtual classes through LIVE video, so now you can easily get your work out done anywhere and anytime.

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An exclusive and luxurious wellness club with enormous gym space full of state-of-the-art equipment and luxurious facilities, Babel Fit is one of the most popular urban wellness hub in KL. Luxuriate yourself in the breathtaking views and the fresh on-the-go food when you are sweating yourself out.

From yoga to upbeat cardio on water, Babel Fit ( has it all to help you to reach your goals in comfort.

Now, they have also launched the Babel at Home, a personalised digital health program to help members achieve their goals in their own home. Be a Babel Fit's member now to enjoy all these privileges whilst you getting your body in a good fit.



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