5 reasons to love the Dyson Supersonic dryer

The world’s first premium hair dryer gets into our hands – and hair.
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When Dyson launched its first ever hair dryer, the Supersonic, the world was astounded. It challenged the traditional design of a hair dryer and also introduced state-of- the-art technological advances that only Dyson was capable of.

Our resident beauty guru PohNee Chin got the opportunity to test it out and see for herself what the hype is all about.

And here’s five reasons why she loves the Dyson Supersonic and why you should get it now!

Sleek Design

The first thing that captures everyone’s attention about the Dyson Supersonic is its unusual design. Sleek and futuristic, it looks nothing like the hair dryer we all know.

Similar to the Dyson bladeless fan, the Supersonic features a hollow head, where strong air blasts through. Its clean design and vibrant colour make my dressing area look more stylish.


You’d be glad to know that the sleek design is not purely aesthetics – it's also for function!

Notice how the weight of the traditional hair dryer sits on the top instead of the handle? That’s precisely what’s making your arm and wrist ache.

Dyson has managed to fit the tiny V9 motor into the handle of the Supersonic, which means the weight is more evenly shifted, resulting in no awkward hand positioning.

I used this for 15 minutes straight and did not feel the same ache in my wrist and arm.

Less Drying Time

With my previous hair dryer, it took nearly forever to dry my hair – okay, maybe 20 minutes.

Not to mention, heat was not evenly distributed, resulting in more hair damage.

With the Supersonic, the windblast was nice and strong; and dried my hair in less time; 10 minutes. Like I always say, "Time saved is money saved".

Heat Control

Hands up if you’ve ever “burnt” your scalp with a hair dryer. Even if you have yet to experience that – your time will come.

The heat given out by traditional hair dryers are not regulated, which results in damaged, dry hair.

So, the good people at Dyson created a nifty intelligent heat control system by installing a glass bead thermistor that measures the temperature, which ensures that hair isn’t exposed to excessive temperatures.

True enough, my hair has not been feeling too dry or burnt lately.

Magnetic Attachments

The Supersonic comes with three different attachments –  a diffuser and two smoothing nozzles (in different sizes) –, tailored to different sorts of hair textures and finishes.

The best part about these nozzles is that they are magnetic. There is something satisfying about them sticking into place, and they are so easy to move around.

So, no struggling involved to remove and switch them!

Priced at RM 1,799, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is now available at selected retailers in Malaysia and also on various e-Shops nationwide including Sephora.



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