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The Armani Group reveals the new charity initiatives

Aimed at supporting non-profit organisations to fight against pandemic and poverty.
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For years, the Armani Group has been promoting prominent projects in social, cultural and environmental sectors. In line with past achievements, the Group now announces new initiatives intended to support non-profit organisations to combat the pandemic, poverty, as well as those focused on environmental protection.

The Armani Group’s corporate commitment in the international emergency has remained with the contribution of the Giorgio Armani boutiques in European and worldwide cities, donated part of their revenues to 52 associations including Les Restaurants Du Coeur in Paris, The Trussell in London, Florence in Japan and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

The Group supports these associations after the lockdown and will continue to assist during the Christmas period as well as renew its customary contribution to Opera San Francesco per i Poveri the popular Milan organization which has offered free meals and a range of services to the needy for over seventy years through the refectory in the Capuchin friars’ monastery.

These initiatives stand with the contribution to Save the Children for a project in Mozambique focusing on motherhood and neonatal health, involving operations for food safety, training, information and welfare programmes, target to reach approximately 26,000 adults and 13,000 children in two years.

1606289219286894 emporio armani green project

By planning to expand green areas in nine different regions of the world where the brand has operated with local organisations, Emporio Armani once again commits its active involvement in sustainable development.

The initiative is to be commenced in Milan where Emporio Armani with the City Council and Forestami is to support the enhancement of green areas within the city. Beginning in November, over three hundred trees are to be planted in the city as part of the project launched last year which aims at planting three million by the end of 2030.

The environmental initiative will be extended to London, supporting the Green Roof project, to Minich and New York, with a dedication towards the maintenance of some city parks, to Tokyo and the French village of Saint Martin d’Ablois, to some inland regions of Mongolia as well as some areas of Australia, for reforestation and to spread a new environmental culture.



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