L'Officiel Malaysia presents the Chloé Girls (#StayAtHome edition)

In collaboration with Chloé, we gather 5 stylish personalities of Malaysia to spread the message of #StayAtHome as they parade the latest Chloé collections.
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In case you didn't know, French luxury fashion house Chloé has returned to the Malaysian fashion scene with a freshly opened flagship boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

And with the arrival of Chloé comes the Chloé Girls – a gathering of stylish women that embodies the spirit of Chloé: femininity, free-spiritedness, modernity, grace and effortlessness.

In light with the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), we cast five stylish personalities including Jasmine Suraya, Jane Chuck, Kim Raymond, Juwei Teoh and Alicia Amin as the Malaysian edition of the #ChloéGirls to spread the message of "#StayAtHome" to help fight the rising cases in Malaysia.

All shot at home by the girls themselves, they each impeccably showcase the versatility and style of Chloé.


Scroll down to see what the girls have to say to you:

1606193785462364 chloe jasmine suraya chin 2

JASMINE SURAYA (@jasmine_suraya)

"Just a little while more. Staying at home might not seem the most productive thing to do, but in the bigger picture, we are contributing so much more to public safety."

1606194281671333 chloe jane chuck

JANE CHUCK (@janechuck)

"Reorganise your space and let the positive energy flow into your home. It’s the new normal and we have to make this work. Stay home and stay safe everyone!"

1606194362495788 chloe kim raymond

KIM RAYMOND (@kimchiraymond)

"No one said you can't be stylish at home. Better safe than sorry. #stayhome"

1606194409733332 chloe juwei teoh 1

JUWEI TEOH (@juweiteoh)

"I’ve learned to appreciate staying and spending more time at home during this pandemic. This is the time to have a peace of mind and get to know your inner self more."

1606194476284512 chloe alicia amin

ALICIA AMIN (@hangriii)

"The importance of staying home is not only to keep ourselves and others protected but to reduce the workload of our front liners. Housemen and government medical officers in this country risk their lives and health while being severely underpaid for the hours they put in. Saying thank you isn’t enough. Walk the talk."

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